We recently completed a massive 6,000 square foot renovation of the Albert Cohen Library located in the Drake Centre (Asper School of Business) at the University of Manitoba. The focus was on both aesthetics and electronics. The new design is bright and airy, and we added in a TON of new technology. The whole space is wired, connected and built for collaboration.

Work included a full refresh of the mechanical, electrical, walls, ceilings, flooring, glass walls, entries and a bunch of painted feature walls. We also installed a large number of fully-controlled LED lights that can communicate with each other, plus a full new mechanical system with massive motors, VFDs and VADs.

New additions to the space include 50 wired up work stations and three private, glass-walled interactive study rooms with card reader technology.


Meeting the extensive multimedia needs.


We worked closely with the university’s technology department when planning and installing miles and miles of cabling and infrastructure – more than we’ve ever done!