Bodegoes City Place (formally The Line Up): Located on the main floor of City Place Shopping Centre, Bodegoes is a Winnipeg-based casual dining restaurant inspired by global street foods from around the world. Tractus Projects was retained to design and build this restaurant, and our in-house design, drafting and project management team took to task.  The “back of house” included a state-of-the-art kitchen with make-up-air, welded duct exhaust, walk-in coolers/freezer, sanitation sinks, kitchen equipment and an intelligent storage / racking system.  The “front of house” simulated an Art Deco interior that consisted of tin ceilings, curved colonial columns housing indirect lighting, washrooms, and a streamlined order placement line allowing the customer to view their order as it’s cooked. Sizzle and gas-flame ambiance free of charge!

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