McDonalds – Leila Avenue Re-Image:  One of the largest McDonalds renovations to occur in Winnipeg, Tractus Projects embarked on a renovation journey that included an interior and exterior re-image at the Leila Avenue McDonalds.  The project schedule was intense and required Tractus project managers to organize, expedite and supervise over 50 journeymen, apprentices and labourers in efforts to achieve the scheduled goal.  The project finished on schedule and consisted of a high quality installation.  Notable installs include tile, millwork, framing, Alpolic paneling, electrical, mechanical and masonry.  After this project, ongoing relationships with McDonalds Restaurants of Canada began, and the introduction of Tractus job site BBQ’s after each milestone!


Get this place open ASAP!


A master schedule was made and consistently monitored for areas of improvement.  When there were setbacks, we knew real time how to deal with them and where we needed to focus.  There were many opportunities gained in the schedule as we met our optimistic deadline.