McDonalds – Steinbach Dual Lane Drive Thru:  Our first drive thru renovation, Tractus Projects selected and organized a crew to work in harmony with the task at hand.  Knowing that less than two weeks was allocated to complete the installation, Tractus Project orchestrated materials and labour to meet this goal.  Diarizing and always looking ahead, Tractus Projects continues to refine our Dual Lane Drive Thru installations, getting Drive Thru’s up and running quicker than any other construction company.


No matter how much planning you do, there are times when luck just ain’t on your side.  In this case, we, unfortunately, hit the restaurant’s water line while installing the sign piles, shut down the restaurant and flooded the parking lot.  Not fun…


Promptly, we informed the restaurant manager and the City of Steinbach of our mishap.  After water shut off, we immediately began exposing the damage and performing the repair.  In less than 7 hours, we had water flowing again and the restaurant open.