We recently completed this 5,120 sq. ft. office renovation for Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba. We created new offices using demountable partitions, installed new flooring, painted throughout and installed all new millwork.

Sounds straightforward? What really set this job apart for us was installing a brand new staircase in the centre of the office leading from the main floor to the new second floor.

This massive overhaul was completed while workers remained hard at work on the first floor! Everything had to be meticulously cleaned, we created a ton of dust barriers and successfully directed staff around the war zone to minimize work interruptions.


Creating minimal disruptions throughout construction.


People still had to work while all this construction craziness was going on! How did we keep disruptions to a minimum? We adapted as always. We completed as much work as possible in the evenings, we cleaned as we went and made sure to keep their meeting schedule in mind when planning our work days.

Partners on this Project

  • Mechanical: Ambassador Mechanical Ltd.
  • Painting: Shammah Professional Painting Inc.
  • Millwork: The Original Cabinet Shop
  • Architect/Designer: IDEATE Design Consulting
  • Steel Studs Drywall : Sych Drywall and Plastering

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