The 3 Benefits of Winter Building

We Winnipeggers know there are only two seasons in our city: winter and construction—but who decided that anyway? At Tractus, we believe construction can and should be a part of every season. In fact, including construction in your upcoming winter plans could make your experience much smoother, calmer, and less “heated” than during the summer—no pun intended.

While there are many benefits to winter building, here are the top three that might just push you to get a jump start on your next big project this winter:

1) Better inventory, less shortages
With better availability during the winter months, you reduce the risk of products being sold out, on back order, or simply unavailable—and this goes for construction team availability, too! As summer construction winds down, there is often an influx of builders, contractors, etc., available during the winter, so you can avoid the waiting game we all loathe.

2) Your customers won’t hear a peep!
Imagine this: The winter weather dies down, the sun begins to shine, your customers pick up again, and they are impressed by your new look—all because you jump-started your renovations early! Though winter is our slow time, it’s also a slow time for many of our clients, too—so why not take advantage of that? By choosing winter building, you can mitigate the risk of causing renovation-related disturbances and have a summer full of happy customers and beautiful scenery.

3) A stress-free summer
With building out of the way, you can treat yourself to a summer away from construction and focus on planning your future business goals. While construction may still be all around you, you’ll be able to enjoy your newly renovated space just as you intended.

As Winnipeggers, we understand how harsh our winters can be, and we’re built for it! We have experience building year-round and have a special place in our hearts for winter projects! So why not take a leap of faith?

Contact us today and get a head start on your next big project—we can’t wait to hear from you!