What “We’re Bonded” Means to the Tractus Team

Choosing a builder should never be taken lightly – and being bonded is just one more way that we set ourselves apart, especially from “shady” construction companies.

If a contractor or builder fails to deliver, it causes a ripple effect that can put an entire project in jeopardy. A bond is a written financial guarantee from a third party insurer to protect the owner against this type of risk. Bonding is essentially a guarantee that we will fulfill the obligations of our contracts.

Many companies require consent of surety through the bidding process as both a financial safeguard and to qualify potential companies. To be eligible for bonding, we went through an audit process examining our financial records, past projects, future projects and cash flow.

Saying “we’re bonded” shows that we are professional, qualified and proven to perform.

We have proven ourselves as a construction leader here in the city, and being able to show that we’re bonded is a symbol of our dedication to our clients and their projects.

For more information on the bonding process, contact Jaret Horbatiuk at (204) 942-6035 or [email protected].