Acuity Vision Care

We know the obstacles and excitement that come from starting your own business. That’s why we were so thrilled to help the entrepreneurial couple behind Acuity Vision Care realize their vision (no pun intended.) Located near Polo Park Shopping Centre, this design-build was incredibly rewarding and required plenty of pre-build planning to help create a plan that would fit into a budget and timeline that would suit these business owners. 

This design process was particularly fun. Sometimes we are limited to pre-made drawings but in this case, we created and proposed several options for the client to choose from—it’s a collaborative approach! We started with a blank canvas and transformed the space into a beautiful place for business. 

A job like this required specialized equipment and additional safety considerations. We installed specialized Patient Care Grade electrical that must go through an additional inspection process for approval. 

Overall, this project went smoothly and we’re so grateful for our team and wonderful clients.
Budget: $260,000