A warehouse full of our favourite snacks? Uh yeah, we can handle that! The King Edward DashMart location is the first of several locations Tractus is developing for DoorDash.

As with many of our 2020-2022 projects., we faced supply chain issues.

This discreet warehouse build didn’t need glitz and glamour: it needed functionality. Our client was eager to open, so we expedited this project to get Winnipeggers their favourite snacks, ASAP!

What started as a bare bones space was transformed into an organized and efficient warehouse where staff collect and distribute orders. As this is a food-related job, we coordinated closely with the health department and health inspector to ensure everything was up to code.

DoorDash is an excellent national customer and we love handling their Winnipeg-based projects. We did whatever it took to get them open on time.

Cost: 200k