Dairy Queen – Birds Hill Park

The residents of the Birds Hill area are thrilled with their Dairy Queen, and we’re so happy we could build it for them! Tractus was responsible for the base building construction which had to be completed before winter to allow the interior DQ team to take over in order to stay on schedule for official opening. We stayed in the loop with the DQ HQ to ensure we were meeting their brand requirements and keeping things consistent.

We had to take many things into consideration: scheduling, inclement weather, and getting ahead. With a late start in the season, we were on a time crunch. We had to be strategic with our timing. Accessibility to asphalt is seasonal, pouring concrete must happen before snowfall, etc. Timing was everything for this project.

The tight timeline was our biggest challenges with this project, but we get it, who wants to wait for ice cream?

Cost: 1.4 Million