Endeavour Wealth Management

Endeavour Wealth Management is a project we look back on fondly. In 2019, Endeavour moved from a small space to a large office space on the 9th floor of 201 Portage Avenue. When you’re working in a building of this size, shutdowns become a huge hassle to everyone in the building. We were on a short timeline to get materials up to the office and had to be efficient with our time and space. 

What makes this project so memorable for us, besides the awesome client, was the way our materials were sourced. Grant, owner of Endeavour Wealth Management, watched as the TD Canada Bank was demolished. He saw the surplus of materials doomed to the dumpster and felt it a waste. As a team, we decided to salvage what we could. Doors, glass, and hardware were all incorporated into the new design. It took every member of the team working together to realize this vision and build something great.

Photo Credit: Dark Horse Architecture 

Budget: $180,000