Wellington School

We made fast work of this build! Wellington School was awarded to us by the Winnipeg School Division in spring 2022 with a deadline at the end of the summer. We were tasked with building two new entrance ways with a monitor and buzz-in system for safety. In addition, we needed to add new walls and floors for these entrance ways. The school has a very cool mid-century modern aesthetic that we wanted to incorporate into our additions. We advocated to remove some unsightly orange door frames and redid the siding to make the new entranceways seamless and sharp. 

We knew that a job this size needed to start as soon as school was out if we were going to hit our deadlines. We worked ahead with our tradespeople to make sure we were revved up and ready to go after the July long weekend. The deadline on this was hard: you can’t have unfinished entrances ways due to accessibility, climate control, fire prevention, and overall safety. We collaborated with the school to ensure there would be no interruptions to their operations—especially as teachers were returning after summer.  As with most projects in the last few years, we were faced with supply chain issues. In this case, the initially chosen “panic” hardware was not available. We were happy to apply our creative problem-solving skills to find an alternative.