Let’s Get Acquainted

The Tractus team is made up of all sorts of interesting, talented, and wonderful people. Each one has a job to do to ensure that we can offer the highest all-around building experience. Some of these people you may meet at the jobsite, talk to on the phone, or see around our office, and some you may never have the pleasure of meeting. 

So, let’s introduce you to at least one of these fantastic people. 

Meet Lisa Fedorchuk

Lisa is a project administrator, which means she is a hugely important member of the team. She ensures that projects runs smoothly. She’s great at it too, with exceptional time management and organizational skills as well as friendly customer service. Of course, we would expect nothing less with her 3+ years of construction management experience and well over a decade of experience in leadership positions—impressive stuff!

Lisa is a key member of the Tractus team!