Mogo, a Canadian financing company, approached us in 2015 to create a brand new office in Winnipeg’s Exchange District; they wanted something modern and trendy, yet comfortable and built for collaboration. Working together with S3 Interior Design, we set out to create a fun, playful space that could accommodate all of their technological needs.

While the office is primarily an open air call centre, it also features meeting rooms, a reception area, staff lockers and a break room. This was a full renovation job, including electrical, glass, millwork, carpentry, drywall, painting and flooring.

Making use of the high ceilings and beautiful exposed timbre beams and columns, we did everything possible to conserve the natural beauty of the amazing heritage building. Bright painted-on wall graphics, offices with glass windows and walls, curved bulkheads, exposed ducts and huge TVs all contribute to the cool modern look they wanted for their young workforce and clientele.

The end result is incredibly bright and open, and it shows very well. Best of all, it was a true collaboration between the owner, interior design firm and Tractus.


Extensive electrical work and cabling was needed.


What really set this job apart for us was all of the technology planning, including tons of electrical and CAT6 cabling, testing and termination. To get everything done just so, we worked closely with Mogo’s IT staff, who had very strict goals for routing and installation.