Various McDonalds

Over the years, the relationship we’ve built with McDonald’s has been truly integral to our success.  

Starting off with a smaller scope, McDonald’s first came to Tractus Projects with the goal of renovating two of their restaurants. Through hard work, seamless organization and our team’s endless dedication, we were able to prove to McDonald’s that we were worthy of bigger and better work. After the completion of the first two projects, McDonald’s awarded us our first million-dollar contract.   

Over the next few years, Tractus Projects compiled a team of trusted tradespeople, journeypersons and labourers who truly understood the program’s goals, tenacity and process.  

The project schedules were always intense and required our project managers to organize, expedite and supervise a massive team. More times than not, we worked all hours of the day and all hours of the night. It was essential for us to be agile, knowing how to turn on a dime if there was an unforeseeable delay or shift in schedule.  

Working alongside an incredibly talented and dedicated team of trades, the Tractus team has completed 41 projects with McDonald’s.