Red River College

Attention to detail is an important skill to learn in school — and business. We were able to build our first institutional relationship with Red River College because of our respect for the security and well-being of their students, staff and facilities. After an extensive and thorough security clearance check, it was clear the renovation of such as massive complex was going to require our team to build strong relationships within the institution.  

Over the years and through multiple projects, we prioritized building trusting relationships with the facility managers that allowed us to effectively get the job done time after time. With multiple projects on the go and thousands of students and staff active in our workspace, we managed to safely renovate a variety of spaces within the Notre Dame Campus and the Exchange District Campus without disrupting classes. 

We focused on maintaining clear and concise communication with Red River College’s security and administration staff to avoid disruptions and organized our schedules so that we didn’t start any loud tasks during school hours. This approach to communication surely allowed us to continue our ever evolving relationship with Red River College.  

Aboriginal Centre

Cave Bar & Lounge

Chrysler Building M

Mercantile Store