Virgin Mobile Polo Park

Sleek, functional and futuristic are only a few of the words to describe the new Virgin Mobile store in Polo Park. The design grabs you as you walk past, and the project is a true display of our team’s diversity and ability to think outside the box to get things done.

Working from their designs, this was a full general contracting project involving demolition, steel stud framing, drywall, ceiling, door, hardware, washrooms accessories, security gate, electrical/mechanical, sprinklers, flooring and painting.

All of the white and red surfaces are custom powder-coated metal, which was a huge challenge as there aren’t many local vendors to get this type of job done. In the end, we came up with our own methods for fabricating and fitting all of the pieces.

We have worked with owner Bell Mobility in the past, and the best compliment we received after the job was done is that we’re now working on a Bell store in the same mall.


Tight timeline and equally tight space.


The store is 700 sq. ft. and, at one point, we had 8 guys plus materials and tools jam-packed into the small space. To meet the strict timelines, we scheduled in night shifts and a 24/7 team to get the job done. Nearing the end, there was hardly room to stand, so it took some careful choreography to get the job done.