Wellness Institute Leila

At Tractus, we aim to deliver results that give clients a reason to believe in our business just as much as we believe in ourselves. 
The Wellness Institute is one of the first projects where we bet on ourselves. Searching for our COR certification and bonding, we worked on the Wellness Institute day and night until we finished the job. Whether it was 4 AM or 4PM, our team was finding new ways to work alongside the Wellness Institute staff and customers in a safe and frictionless manner. 
The small details mattered. Whether we rolled out mats or planned our schedule to avoid distracting the client, our attention to detail laid the foundation for a relationship that continued across multiple projects. 
We value the process of our work just as much as the final product. Clients like the Wellness Institute helped us learn how to make the process seamless and safe for ourselves and the client. 


Rehabilitation Area

Steam Room