Meadowood Manor

Renovating a personal care home in the midst of a pandemic was not without its challenges, but it was so worth it. We took the health and safety of all involved to heart.

Besides masking and thorough sanitization, we implemented a strict protocol for entering and leaving the site to ensure we were doing our due diligence to protect everyone in the building.

We were tasked with renovating the front offices, which are located in high-traffic areas. This required careful planning of pathways for residents, employees, and visitors. The project itself was quite invasive. We ripped up the old and built up the new.

Our team and the staff at Meadowood were incredible to work with. We are happy to report that during our time at Meadowood Manor, not a single outbreak was reported. We look forward to more WRHA-related projects in the future!

Cost: $350,000