Marble Slab Creamery

We’ll never get tired of ice-cream-related builds! The Marble Slab Creamery on Henderson Highway was a $225,000 franchise project.  The Marble Slab head office is located in Calgary, so some creativity was needed to ensure seamless communication between the job site and the client. We had to hustle in order to get the store up and running by July 1st, peak ice-cream season! 

We love the fun look of this place with its fuchsia walls and white subway tile. While this job was fast-paced, it was relatively smooth sailing. The main challenge was the timeline and some things arriving last-minute. 

When we handed the keys back to the owner, they said it was a seamless takeover with the help of our site superintendent there to support the transition. When we are working with small business or franchise owners, we know every minute and every dollar counts. We love to see people succeed and feel that their business is our business.

Budget: $225,000